by stepping into your God-given Masculinity
Even if you've already been trying with other
books, blogs, sermons, etc.

"Join me on an ancient path that much of the church has forgotten. The path of unleashed masculinity. The path of living and active gospel. The path of marriage filled with hunger for each other."  --Matt Hallock

Dear Brother,

Let me describe for you pain I've felt, and let's see if you can relate.

"I must be liked and approved by others. Otherwise I'm doing something wrong. Otherwise I'm being offensive, and that's not okay. So I get paralyzed by people's disapproval or dislike of me. This keeps me living inauthentically. I feel like I'm not quite connecting with the present moment. Like I'm not truly getting to know and being known by others. I feel unable to be myself especially with my wife."

"I want my wife to be more playful, adoring, and open with me. If she would change, then things would be better." (sound like Adam, anyone?) 

 "I feel emasculated somehow. Thought I'm not quite sure how. I have needs and desires, but never express them because it feels selfish and wrong. I silently hope others will meet them, and I get frustrated, bitter, or resentful if they don't." 

 "I love Jesus, but my life doesn't see much of his real actual power...even though I believe in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit." 

 "I'm praying for him to change things, and he's not doing it. He seems to favor others over me." 

 "I know I'm called to be the leader in my marriage and family...but I feel like I'm not. I don't know how to begin. Instead I feel like I'm living to avoid her disapproval." 

 "I feel like I'm living passively, but I'm not sure how to be assertive when I'm supposed to depend on God and submit to his will." 

 "Life feels flat. I feel like I'm going through the motions."

If you want to finally get unstuck in the places where you've been frustratingly trying to grow, to change, to find healing, then I'm convinced that this book, The DNA of a Man, will be a crucial instrument that God uses to bring you victory in your marriage, your hurting and stuck emotions/thinking, and your experience of the power of the Holy Spirit as Jesus spreads his Kingdom.
But first, the problem(s)
At this point, you're probably struggling with one or a couple of problems. That's okay, I would be too. 

 PROBLEM #1: You've already read a bunch of books on how to become a good Christian man. At this point, you're not interested in another list of character traits you need to adopt, a list of behaviors you need to modify or engage in, etc. You don't need someone showing you the way to behave in a way that makes you look all nice and put together and the perfect Christian man. 

 SOLUTION #1: You're in luck, because I don't want to give that to you. I'm not interested in making you a better Christian. 

I'm interested in helping your spirit come alive to the primal DNA that God put inside of you as a man. 

I'm interested in leading you into a deeper connection with him so that you can finally live passionately unleashed. So that you can finally approach his throne of grace with confidence. So that you can finally see the power of his Kingdom at work in your life. 

 PROBLEM #2: You've already read who knows how many Christian marriage books, blog articles, podcasts, etc. And none of it is helping your marriage. You've already heard the standard marriage advice out there: 

  • Love her more like Jesus would. 
  • Up the romance her flowers, send more texts, go on dates. 
  • Grit your teeth and pray more, because God is using her to shape your character. 
  • Lose your life. 
  • Die to yourself. 

If you're anything like me, you're already doing all of those things. You're running yourself ragged trying to do all possible romantic gestures just hoping that something will actually ignite that spark. 

 You of course love Jesus and of course want to love your wife like he would. This is already a non-issue for you. But somehow it's not translating like you think it should. 

 You are definitely praying, asking God to help. Asking him to transform. Asking him to bring revival to your marriage. 

 And all of this amounts to you losing your life. You just want HIM, but HE doesn't seem to be doing much about it all. 

 The truth is, these are all GOOD TEACHINGS. I wouldn't argue with any one of them. But the problem that almost NO ONE talks about is that they are not the root issue. You're trying to apply good teachings in the WRONG OPERATING SYSTEM. And as such, it won't ever work. 

 SOLUTION #2: Thankfully, The DNA of a Man is not your average Christian marriage book. I will not be giving you a fresh version of the above GOOD TEACHINGS, the tactics and strategies to fix your marriage. 

 Instead, I will be giving you tools and steps and principles to change the OPERATING SYSTEM. That way, all of your praying and romancing and serving will actually be fruitful, helpful, heaven-filled, and passion-inducing. 

 In other words, you'll start to become attractive and desirable, rather than needy and manipulative. 

 So now that we understand each other, let me jump in and show you...
Exactly what you're getting

"I am reading 'The dna of a man' by Matt Hallock and it's been unbelievably motivating. Order it, read it, and trust me your life will change."  -Facebook user

"Just read your book, amazing....Your book will, with God's help...lead me in the right direction and continue to make me the man and husband God made me to be. Thank you and thank you Father for Matt's DNA book."

Posting for a friend. "Finished DNA. Was a map to my balls. Called faraway wife, so they could talk. She liked that." -Stay tuned.

" never really knew how to be a man until I read this book. It's a must read! This may seem unmanly, but as I read this I wept because I finally found a solution to a struggle I never understood in the past. This book is down to earth and written in a non-religious "mans" language. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

In the middle of your book Matt and my highlighter is running out. 

This book has opened my heart to growing from a boy to a man. Gods intent for me is shaping daily. Thank you. God bless you. Praying for a miracle healing for you.

I have never understood my identity in Christ as well as I do now. The principles in this book all based on Scriptures I already knew flat out excited me and convicted me at the same time. Also, I absolutely love the author's "edge"'s just "real".

As you already know, this isn't like your average Christian self-help or Christian marriage book. This is more along the lines of the pillars of Christian masculinity: 

  •  Men like Gordon Dalbey, who taught us to emotionally untangle from women, first our mothers, and then our wives. Then we can focus first and foremost on our identity as men, as sons of the Father, as warriors in the Kingdom. 

  •  Or John Eldredge, who showed us that men must discover who they are and what their adventure is, so that they can invite their woman into the adventure from a place of confident strength and surety. 

There's no fluff or filler in this book--just three solid and powerful elements of manhood that you and I MUST learn to walk in. You'll discover how to become: 

 A Man of Identity who knows his own worth and value and purpose outside of any other influencing force. Just him and his Father. Him and his King. You'll learn:

The secret revelation about how you've been pushing your wife away, and how to stop it. 

 The key to stopping the ache that you wake up with most mornings. 

 The surprising and heretical truth of the ACTUAL gospel, and what it says about you, your worth, and your importance in the kingdom. 

 How to become CONFIDENT...if I'm allowed to say it...a Kingdom badass who isn't a jerk and who isn't a pushover. 

 How to get your mojo back. Your swagger. Your certainty. Your ability to do awesome.

A Man of Principle who lives life powerfully from his own ability of decision. You'll learn:

How to stand strong in crappy circumstances (like my health battle) and come out stronger, more on fire, and more ready to take ground. 

 How to stop being the "nice guy" who everyone likes but no one respects. 

 The truth about how "nice" Jesus was/is. 

 How you were pushing your wife away when you thought you were simply loving and serving her. 

 The way to ACTUALLY earn her affection and admiration. 

 The new discipline you must start implementing based on Jesus's words, "The truth will set you free." It feels religious and legalistic (at first), but it's a God-given weapon against hell. 

 Repeat from above (because it's worth repeating): How to become a CONFIDENT Kingdom badass who isn't a jerk and who isn't a pushover.

A Man on Mission who is DRIVEN to attack each day with intention, power, and authority. You'll learn:

How to get out of the survival 9-5 mentality. 

 A bonus principle on healing from disease (like my own). 

 How to uplevel your experience of the Kingdom by taking faith-filled action. 

 The way to get out of constantly wishing you had more of God and start LIVING INTO more of God.

And it's easy to read. 

 At 152 pages, you can read it in a day, maybe two. 

 And it's more than just a marriage book, or just a self-help book, or just a Bible teaching book. 

 It's a complete life-transformation book. It's a book that gets your core coming online again so that the power of Jesus can start emanating out and transforming your world.

Your marriage can have intimacy and passion.  

You can lead your children in confidence and strength.  

You can step into a new level of miraculous, supernatural living with Jesus.  

You can walk into a room and not worry about what everyone else is thinking.  

You can be bold, like the heroes of the faith. 

 You can be an atmosphere-changer.  

You can finish this race proud, knowing that you did not hold back, that you did not let struggle defeat you, that you lived to leave an eternal legacy...a man who lived unleashed for Jesus.

Step, with me, into all of this and more in God's Kingdom. 

 But you know what you'll really love?

Stand Tall in the world of men

I used to feel like I had nothing to offer the world. I'd look around at other, high-achieving men, and feel like I couldn't compete with them. And what's more, I bought into the false religious thought that I WASN'T ALLOWED to compete. 

 What do I mean exactly? 

 I thought that, because I was a Christian, I couldn't begin to pretend that I had anything of worth or value to bring to the table. Here are a bunch of men out changing the world and getting stuff done, but I was just supposed to hang on until I die. Meanwhile I needed to grovel in my worthlessness because shame on me if I think that I can do anything good. 

 So I was self-conscious, fearful of men, afraid of failure, paralyzed by insecurity, and I had Jesus as my justification for all of those...SINS. 

 And it made me sit back and think, "If only they knew what I know. Then they'd see that everything they care about is worthless." 

 Some good that does! 

 But once you and I start living according to the life transforming power of the Gospel, the Gospel of the Kingdom, we can stop just playing Christian church-goer waiting for heaven to come. We can go out and get our hands dirty bringing the presence of Jesus to the world. 

 Like the time I was at my gym, in my clearly skinny body (anyone who sees me can tell pretty readily that my body is battling disease), and two other ripped guys walked in talking. One of them talking about how badly his shoulder was injured. 

 Old Matt would have cowered in self-consciousness over my clearly less-than-ripped physique. But new Matt felt the fear and didn't listen to it, instead I started a conversation, and prayed for his shoulder to be healed. Watched Jesus take all the pain away right there. Then the other guy started asking what I believe and opening up about his own life! 

 See...when you embrace the teaching in The DNA of a Man, you realize that you are a blessing in EVERY situation.

here's what to do next
Click any of the big green buttons on this page, or just scroll down to the purchase section.

The cost of this book is $7.90, that's it. And you get both the PDF version and Kindle version. 

 You'll get it instantly to download. 

 That way, you can access it anywhere, immediately, without having to wait for the mail man. 

Plus, you'll get...

"How to Truly Love, From a Place of Strength"
I know that this is very inexpensive, and I can't very well feed my family of five by giving away books and just $7.90, so you're probably wondering what's in it for me. 

 I'm giving you this book as a way of giving you the best of what I've got. Making a great first impression. And judging by the feedback I've gotten, the Amazon reviews, which I've screenshotted below, it should be a pretty LIFE-CHANGING first impression. 

 My hope is that you'll love the book and that this will be the start of a good ministry relationship for years to come. 

 My hope is that you'll continue to follow me and engage in the ministry resources I produce...all with the goal of bringing you further life and power and fire in God's Kingdom. 

 I'm confident that you'll be so blessed by what I'm giving you today, that you'll get in touch and want to jump into my ministry groups, the Kingdom Man's DNA Transformation Program, Husbands:Resurrected and maybe even the Ranks of Adullam

 Pretty straightforward. 

 That said, keep this in mind...

This is a limited offer
I'm not going to make up a bunch of fake reasons as to why this is going to expire soon. I'm not putting a countdown timer on this page, because I can't come up with a good HONEST reason why. 

 But I do know that I won't be running the ads that brought you here forever. And I am going to be holding the next round of the Kingdom Man's DNA Transformation Program as well as the live Husbands:Resurrected group experience soon. Both of which will only be available to men who've bought the book from MY website. 

 So grab the book now a) before I take the ads down and b) in case you want the option of massively upleveling your life. No pressure on that though. 

 And in case you're wondering ... 


 There's a money-back guarantee...

The Boldest Guarantee I Can Make for a Book
I 100% Guarantee you'll love this book or I'll return your $7.90 let you keep the book anyway. 

 You don't even have to send anything back. 

 Just email me and I'll give you back your $7.90 with no questions asked.

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before It Expires
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. God bless you, and I pray, Jesus that you would bring the life-change to my friend that you died for. I pray that you would flood him with your love, your truth, and your power, and take him deeper into your Kingdom. 

 I look forward to speaking with you soon. 



 P.S. In case you skipped to the end of the letter, here's the deal: 

 I'm offering you a 152 page book that you will be able to access INSTANTLY. 

 All you pay is $7.90.

It's a powerful, life-changing book that has already brought the kingdom into thousands of men's lives. Check it out.


The DNA of a Man

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+Bonus Video Teaching

+(optional paperback add-on)


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